About Us


Many customers are unaware that they are not required to have their maintenance performed at a new car dealer in order to keep their warranty in effect. Dealers often use their maintenance/repair facilities as extra profit generators. They charge for routine services "by the book". Many follow the manufacturer's estimate of how long a specific job might take to perform and charge that amount no matter how much time is actually spent. This results in high bills to the customer. The manufacturer's job estimates are based on relatively inexperienced personnel performing the work. Mom's technicians have much more experience than the average new car dealer's staff and therefore they can perform work more efficiently than average resulting in lower bills for their customers.


Mom's recently celebrated their tenth anniversary at the Kelly street location. Their technicians have over one hundred years of combined experience. They use state of the art diagnostic and setup equipment to make sure the customer's vehicles are running at peak performance. Unlike some shops, Mom's repairs precisely what is broken and performs only necessary or recommended work.

Mom's staff keeps their customers fully informed as to what work is necessary to maintain or repair their vehicles. Estimates are provided before work is performed and additional work is only performed after the customer oks the job. All work is warranted for a minimum of twelve months. In some cases parts may have a longer warranty depending on the manufacturer.